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Simplifying heavy lifting with sync systems

In search of precision heavy lifting support? Find out how a synchronous jacking system could benefit your next project

Coates Engineering Solutions is currently supporting Transport for NSW in delivering a collection of bridge maintenance projects. Synchronous jacking systems have been successfully implemented at six locations so far, providing intricate lifting equipment and services during the replacement of bridge bearings.

“We delivered these sync systems for Transport for NSW as part of a comprehensive turnkey solution,” explains Mark Hutchinson, Temporary Works Engineer at Coates Hire. “Combining this efficient product with a full service approach has allowed us to achieve exceptional accuracy, good lift speed for minimal downtime, and to safely adhere to tight lift parameters at each site.”

Following on from the success of these and other recent projects, here we unpack:

  • What sync systems are
  • How they work
  • Where they can be used
  • And how they can value to projects that require heavy lifting or lowering.


Synchronous jacking systems explained

What are sync systems?

Sync systems provide a heavy-duty alternative to other jacking systems, where high precision lifting is required. “By electronically controlling multiple hydraulic jacking points, sync systems allow operators to synchronise the lifting or lowering of large and heavy structures in small increments with millimetre accuracy,” says Mark.

How do they work?

Sync systems utilise pressure sensors on each jacking point to create load information, which is then electronically fed back to a central control point. Here this data is interpreted, triggering directional control valves to automatically open and close to synchronise load movement, keep loads level and ensure pre-determined parameters can be achieved.

How can sync systems be used?

Beyond bridge maintenance, sync systems offer a flexible jacking solution for many different heavy lifting applications across many different industries. Here are some examples:

  • Construction: performing remedial work to buildings where structural elements (like columns, concrete slabs and steel elements) are susceptible to cracking or buckling with uneven lifting.
  • Mining and industrial services: supporting shutdown events and maintenance for large or heavy equipment.
  • Utilities: precise monitoring of turbines, transformers and fuel rods.
  • Petrochemical, oil and gas: accurate positioning of pressure vessels and oil platforms.
  • Shipbuilding: positioning and centre of gravity determination of ship segments.
  • Civil works: movement, rotation and tilting of tunnel boring machines.


Sync system benefits

Sync systems offer some unique benefits. “Most obvious is the ability to simultaneously lift from multiple points,” Mark explains. “With sync systems you have complete control over all lifting points from one central interface, compared to manual jacking where you don’t have that synchronisation or visibility.”

Synch systems also allow for perfect heavy load control during lifting and lowering, and can achieve a high degree of accuracy for load displacement and jacking force.

Other benefits:

  • Scalable: Modular jacking sync systems are scalable, with the number of lifting points increased to accommodate larger structures and larger continuous spans.
  • Weight distribution: These systems can determine the centre of gravity and detect unevenly distributed loads, automatically adjusting cylinders as required. Sync systems can also weigh objects to prevent over/under loading.
  • Safety: Operation from a single control point means fewer personnel are required to monitor loads, a design feature that also separates people from hazards during lifting. Warning alarms and emergency stop features further help to keep people safe.
  • Quick set up and lifting times reduce downtime and improve cost efficiency.
  • By automatically recording and storing jacking data (via USB drive), sync systems provide additional quality assurance.
  • For ease of transportation sync systems like Coates Hire’s EVO Synchronous Lifting System are fully enclosed and feature fork pockets and crane points.


Comprehensive lifting solutions

Although dry hire is available, Coates Engineering Solutions continues to experience growing demand for turnkey sync system solutions.

“For cost efficiency, ease of project delivery and ultimately for peace of mind, many of our customers now see great value in partnering with just one trusted provider for all aspects of their heavy lifting,” says Mark. “Our total solution approach gives customers access to a range of high quality synchronous jacking systems; hydraulic cylinders, jacks and props to suit most lifting applications; and Australia’s largest range of ancillary equipment within the lift and shift market,” he continues.

Customers also benefit from working with Coates Engineering Solutions’ qualified in-house design team, and experienced operators who can be available on site anytime, anywhere in Australia.

“When customers need support with system design, certifying prescribed jacking procedures, equipment supply, installation or implementation, they turn to Coates Hire knowing that we have the range, the approach, the manpower and the expertise to help the find the right solution,” Mark concludes.

Enquire now or call Coates Engineering Solutions on (02) 8796 5000


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