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31 JANUARY 2020



Cherry pickers are useful for more than just picking fruit. Elevated work platforms (EWP) like boom lifts and scissor lifts can give you the essential reach you need to gain access to the upper levels of buildings or other structures for construction, maintenance, painting, warehousing, installing utility lines and other work at height.

Usually a nickname for a boom lift, all EWPs are sometimes referred to as cherry pickers, so it's important to know the differences to make sure you're getting the height and other features you need.


How high is a lift boom?

Coates Hire has a wide range of straight booms for hire in heights up to 45.7 metres. If you need the maximum reach, nothing beats a straight boom lift. These hydraulic cranes can lift personnel and equipment above or below ground level, but they don't have the capacity of a scissor lift and they can't bend around obstacles like a knuckle boom.
Other models are:

  • Straight Boom Lift - Diesel - 12M (39.4ft) - Track
  • Straight Boom Lift Diesel 16.5m (54ft)
  • Straight Boom Lift Diesel 20m (65.7ft)
  • Straight Boom Lift - Diesel - 26.2 (86ft)
  • Straight Boom Lift - Diesel - 38.4M (126ft)
  • Straight Boom Lift - Diesel - 41.3M (135.5ft)
  • Straight Boom Lift - Diesel - 45.7M (150ft)

See all straight booms

How high can a man lift go?

Coates Hire offers push around personnel lifts in heights up to 12.1 metres.
Personnel lifts with vertical mast booms are easier to set up and move around sites than most access equipment, although they don't have comparable reach to boom lifts. They are widely used in factories and warehouses and for ceiling maintenance in commercial buildings.

Other models are:

  • Tele Work Platform - Push Around - 7.6M (25.2ft)
  • Tele Work Platform  - Push Around - 11M (36.3ft)
  • Vertical Mast - Push Around - 8.1m -  (26.6ft)

See all push around personnel lifts

What is the tallest scissor lift?

Coates Hire has scissor lifts for hire in heights up to 16.1 metres.
Scissor lifts have longer and wider platforms than other cherry pickers, which makes them suitable for moving more personnel or equipment to heights in safety. Standard scissor lifts are designed for indoor use, while rough terrain scissor lifts can handle difficult ground.

Other models are:

  • Scissor Lift - Diesel - 8.3M (27.2ft) - Rough Terrain
  • Scissor Lift - Diesel - 10.0M (32.8ft)- Rough Terrain
  • Scissor Lift - Diesel - 13.1m-(42.9ft) Rough Terrain
  • Scissor Lift - Diesel - 16.1m-(53ft) - Rough Terrain

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What licence do I need to use a cherry picker?

Different heights of cherry pickers require different licences in Australia, so it's important to make sure the operator is properly trained and certified.
  • Access equipment over 11 metres requires a WorkCover High Risk Work Licence
  • Access equipment under 11 metres requires an EWP Operator Ticket (Yellow Card)

Training must relate to the type of work platform being used, and operators must familiarise themselves with the
controls and safety features of the equipment prior to use.
Coates Hire offers training courses for elevated work platforms Australia-wide.

See all courses

What's the difference between a knuckle boom and a boom lift?

A knuckle boom or articulated boom lift has hinged sections that enable it to manoeuvre around obstacles such as walls, pillars or machinery when access would otherwise be difficult. They can be a lifesaver for more awkward
projects, but they don't reach the same heights as straight boom lifts.

What's the difference between a scissor lift and a lift boom?

Scissor lifts and boom lifts operate in different ways. Whereas a boom lift or cherry picker uses a hydraulic lift that
telescopes upwards, a scissor lift uses a foldable support structure that straightens and folds similar to a spring. This gives scissor lifts a greater load capacity, but limited reach compared to boom lifts.

Find out more about scissor lifts vs boom lifts


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