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Want to be at the forefront of digital transformation?
It seems like everyone is talking about digital transformation these days, and it's not hard to see why. Technology has the power to solve complex problems; change the way we work; redefine industries and create entirely new ones. Whilst some businesses talk at length about digital transformation, others are busy listening and delivering
Kirsty McKay – Group Manager, Portfolio Delivery and Digital Transformation leads digital transformation at Coates Hire – where technology is playing a pivotal role in growing and shaping the business. Coates Hire’s approach to digital transformation is also creating exciting new opportunities for its people to grow their digital dexterity and shape the future of the industry. 
Kirsty and her team’s achievements are attracting attention from across industry too. Kirsty was recently named as a recipient of Sitecore’s prestigious Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Ambassador accolade.
We asked Kirsty why she and her team are achieving success, how digital innovation is attracting new talent, and what this means for Coates Hire’s customers and current and future workforce.
Structured for success
In recent years “digital” has become just as synonymous with marketing as IT. Many businesses are now structuring their digital teams to reflect this trend, delivering digital transformation as part of a digital marketing strategy. However this ‘divided’ approach can be problematic, often causing clashes between the differing digital needs of these disciplines.
According to Kirsty, the cohesiveness of Coates Hire’s approach to digital transformation, and much of its digital success so far stems from doing things a little differently. “We’ve tried to open digital transformation up to the business and make it accessible to all of our people,” she explains. “Our approach is collaborative, multidisciplinary and relies on bringing together people, ideas and expertise.”
A cross-functional approach to digital transformation isn’t typical of industry, but for Coates Hire it is allowing technological innovation to address real business issues, create new market opportunities, and to develop it’s workforce. “I believe we’ve found a really strong and unique delivery mechanism. We are growing our culture of innovation and creating high performing digital teams that serve the needs of the business,” Kirsty continues. 
Input at all levels
Much of our digital transformation program is delivered using Agile methodology, so there’s a strong focus on having the right people working closely with and listening to our internal and external customers. The feedback we get from clients and teams across our business is already influencing the digital journey at Coates Hire, explains Kirsty. 
“Our business sponsors and product owners are already having regular conversations with their internal teams and customers,” Kirsty continues. “Their input shapes our digital transformation, helps to close the feedback loop and translates what it really means to put new technologies and digital strategies in place.” 
In the future Kirsty sees a huge potential for its digital transformation to continue growing the digital dexterity of the organisation. “It’s still early days, but we are committed to getting our people fighting fit for the future.”
From an IT perspective, many of the issues that affect our customers, are a concern for our own internal teams too. “With our eyes and ears on the ground we try to listen loudly and actively respond to feedback,” says Kirsty. “Having a strong digital voice and an agile approach helps us to pick up on these signals – no matter how weak – and prioritise digital transformation in these areas.”
The Hire Now website is a great example of how digital transformation has helped Coates Hire to quickly and effectively respond to both our internal teams and our customers’ needs. 
In just 12 weeks Coates Hire took this digital shop front from concept to delivery. And although there is still some work to be done, Hire Now makes it much quicker and easier for our customers to access what they need. It’s also improved the workload and working experience of our customer service teams.” This success story and others like it wouldn’t have been possible without the passion of our people, a culture that embraces feedback and change, and having the agility and ability as a business to respond quickly,” says Kirsty.
“It’s a really exciting time to be working in this business and in this space, with opportunities to grow and develop and make a real difference,” Kirsty explains.
“Coates Hire’s approach to digital transformation is still in its early days, but already it is improving business performance, empowering our people, improving job satisfaction, strengthening our customer relationships, fostering a culture that embraces change and innovation,” Kirsty says.“ By bringing the business together to deliver on all of this, we’re setting ourselves up to succeed for another 130 years.”



Kirsty McKay
Group Manager 
Portfolio Delivery & Digital Transformation


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