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From drones and sensors to machine learning and robotics, technology is changing the future of Australian industry. Let our digital solutions improve efficiency, productivity and collaboration in your workplace.

IoT and Smart Site

Connectivity is key in today’s industries and Coates can help you seize the opportunities of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our IoT-enabled telemetry system provides you with real-time visibility of the equipment you have on hire. By collecting data, such as equipment utilisation and fuel consumption, you can maximise the value of your rental equipment, drive productivity and reduce operating costs.

Meanwhile, our Smart Site uses low-power wide area networks (LPWAN) to capture data on the movement of people or equipment within a geofenced area to identify opportunities to improve tool time and work time productivity.

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Coates Connect

Coates Connect allows you to manage hire equipment and invoicing across all your sites via one user-friendly customer portal.

Monitor off-hire dates, view your rental history, process invoices, and review safety information and service history for all equipment on hire.

The portal also integrates telemetry data from our IoT platform so you can geofence equipment, analyse utilisation rates and even work with a dedicated data analyst to reduce your hire costs.

Want to know more? See how Coates helped one major customer save $50,000 a month on equipment hire.

Benefits to your business
•   Locate and track equipment
•   Maximise equipment utilisation
•   Reduce hoarding and duplication
•   Greater visibility across sites
•   Streamline invoicing and admin
•   Manage and reduce hire costs
•   Manage certifications, safety inspections


Manage all your tools, equipment, consumables and services in real time with an on-site tool store powered by our next-gen proprietary management system. SiteIQ takes the best of CHASE and adds a host of new smart technology functionality to provide a superior management solution for industrial or construction sites.

Our new custom-designed scanning application allows for quick and easy checkout and return of tools and equipment, while the system also manages Verification of Competency (VOC) to ensure your site meets its WHS requirements.

From identifying tool wastage to analysing equipment utilisation, SiteIQ’s customisable reports will help you maximise efficiencies during your next shutdown, maintenance job or construction project.

Find out how we helped EnergyAustralia improve tool time efficiency by 80% during a major plant upgrade.

Benefits to your business
•   Reduce lost, damaged and stolen tools
•   Increase accountability and traceability
•   Boost operational efficiencies
•   Reduce operating costs
•   Create accurate forecasts
•   Streamline invoicing and admin
•   Improve site safety

Drones and digital twins

Our drone service can access hazardous and hard-to-reach areas on your site, eliminating the need for costly, risky and labour-intensive physical inspections.

An intuitive online platform allows you to view high-resolution imagery and 3D models of your asset, so you can create comprehensive maintenance programs and monitor conditions over time.

With a simple click, you can virtually inspect the asset, mark defects using annotation cards, assign workflow actions and collaborate live with your team. Discover how we used drones to quickly and safely inspect a cooling tower at Mt Piper Power Station.

Benefits to your business
•   Safer for your workforce
•   Faster than manual inspections
•   Cheaper than manual inspections
•   More accurate data collection
•   Reduce asset downtime
•   Monitor defects over time
•   Proactively maintain assets

Product technology

As part our commitment to provide safe, smart and sustainable equipment solutions, we’re investing in the latest equipment and working with OEMs to find hi-tech solutions to industry challenges.

We’re proud to partner with Downer and SITECH WA to trial the 3D Avoidance Zone System, which aims to increase safety on construction sites near critical infrastructure such as rail lines and utilities.

To help keep workers safe while working at heights, we’ve collaborated with leading OEMs to install the EQSS OverWatch™ operator protection system across our entire scissor lift fleet.

As we can continue to expand our fleet of eco-efficient equipment, we’ve even partnered with Generac to help develop the VT-Hybrid lighting tower.

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